Siped tires

Press-On Tires

We have over 170 part numbers in the press-on tire selection for you to choose from. We have the size you need.
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We have a wide selection of tread profiles and an even greater selection of sizes, covering all the major original manufactures!

  • All tires are non-marking.
  • Gold or black in color.
  • Center groove added for heat dispersment.
  • Diamond, diagonal, or micro-siping of any tire.
     (for added traction or wet applications) See picture above.
  • Rubber tires in all sizes and styles available.
  • Can remold those one-of-a-kind tire sizes.
  • On site pressing available.
  • Quantity price breaks.
  • Selection of material hardness or compounds.
  • Send us a print and we'll make it.

All poly tires and wheels are non marking regardless of color. It is often assumed when a black tire slides or spins the material will leave a black mark on the floor. The coloring of poly tires is so dilute that this is not true. Looking through a thin slice from a clean poly tire will reveal the transparency of the material. The opaque black look of a tire is due to the thickness of the material.

Carbon black used in black rubber tires does mark floors. Carbon black from rubber tire skid marks (as well as other marking contaminants on a floor) can be picked up by any color poly wheel or tire and remark the floor elsewhere. Non marking rubber tires contain little or no carbon black and are generally white in color. They generally also have less durability as carbon black adds to rubber tire integrity.

AVT makes "gold" colored poly tires available for the "non marking poly" market, however, you will likely find no difference in marking or durability.